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Covering Designs, Wheeling, Random Numbers, Theory & Math

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Designs Peter Rosenhal's collection of Covering Designs
La Jolla Covering Repository
UK National
Lottery Permutations

Design 36/6 = 30 Tickets 6=1: 234 5=1:123 4=
Design 42/6 = 60
Design 49/6 = 19 for DEC 15/1996 Lotto 6/49 CAN

for more Specialized Designs See ...
Theory Uenal Mutlu, Coverings and t-Designs
Simulated Annealing Tech Reports
Simulated Annealing
Wheel Analysis [wheel.html]
Introduction and ToC: Linearly derived Steiner triple systems
HUT / Digital Systems Laboratory: Technical Report B10
LACES - Search
Wheel Evaluation Report
Stochastic Methods
Perturbation methods for Nonlinear systems
Stochastic Methods Information, Taygeta Scientific Inc.
Math e-MATH Home Page
Home page of Dr E Spence (Ted Spence)
Random Numbers Yahoo List for Random Numbers
Random Number Generation, Taygeta Scientific Inc.
Random number generators
Random Number Table
Generating Gaussian Random Numbers
Random number generators
Articles AMS Preprint Server
Lester Ingber's Code and Reprint Archive
Volumes of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Code & Software DISCRETA download page

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