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Results Multi-State Lottery

Lotto Lore Latest Canadian lottery numbers 649 Super 7 plus more

American Lotto Exchange

Lottery America

World-wide Lotteries (even Japan)

Greek Lottery Results



Lotto Results

Lottery Buddy

Ontario Daily Keno Latest winning numbers from Lotto Lore

Canadian Lotteries - Schedule

Home of CANADIAN LOTTO 649 ^R7


Lotto Guarantee Archives History 649 Canada


Advice Gambling Formula

WHY THERE ARE NO LOTTERY SYSTEMS THAT WORK - Free Online Report - From 177 Business Mail Order and Personal Reports Software

LOTTO ANALYSIS(Colorado Louisiana Texas)

Lottery Laws and Axioms

Manitoba Lotteries Inc.


Lotteries - General Information


Secrets of Winning Huge Lotto Jackpots

CYBERGEEZER'S LOTTERY PAGE How to play Lotto if you must

Top Playing Tips






FAQ Finder Your Guide to Finding Answers to Frequently Asked Questions






Glossary Terms





Game Theory

Binomial Coefficient



Covering problem







Operations Research

Optimization Theory


Odd Prime


Pascal's Triangle

Permutations - Definition

Britannica Search statistics


Tabu Search


Venn Diagrams








Dreams Come True- Lottery Glossary

Surfstat glossary

Mathematical Programming Glossary Index

Encarta Online Home

Mathematical Programming Glossary

On-line Mathematics Dictionary





Theory & Math


Probability and Chance Their Nature and Meaning

Studying how experts formulate models






Wheels Large Designs t v k lambda


Construction 2

Re Partial Covering Designs Wheels


Re ANN Some New Results in the Field of Discrete MathDesigns

Lattice Basis Reduction t-Designs

Liste der konstruierten Blockdesigns ' v=7-13

Partial Covering Designs Wheels

Practical Data Analysis for Designed Experiments

Problems in Simple and Complex

Re reduction de -378 lignes 56 Pick 6 en 30 nos

Papers by Richard P. Stanley

Trans. Computers Abstract Node-covering Error-correcting Codes and Multiprocessors with Very High Average Fault Tolerance

Two Series of BIB Designs

New Construction for Covering Designs e-Print archive

Los Alamos LACES Discrete Math Preprints

Mathematics Information Servers ^99

AMS Preprint Server

Coverings Wheels Theory & Math

e-MATH Search

Gateway to Mathematics


Greg Kuperberg List of Publications

Group Theory (ANU)

Helsinki University of Technology Digital Systems Laboratory Reports



Index File - a catalog of Lattices

Mathematics Archives - Software

Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics

Mathematics Archives WWW Server


Simulated Annealing Tech Reports

McLaren's Improved Snub Cube and Other New Spherical Designs in Three

Papers on coding theory

Programming in C

Snippets of C code - an excellent collection

SourceTec Download Page

Bounds on Mixed BinaryTernary Codes

C(18 6 36 =7)

Probability and Wheels

Hypergeometric Paradox

Significance Level Calculation

Ideas And Methods For Prediction Programs

Math-Web - Mathematical Publications ^use

International Journal of Game Theory


Stat Advantage

Volume 6 Journal of Mathematical Systems Estimation and Control


Game Theory Resources on the Net

Publishing Database Information






Custom Wheeling Systems - Idea Use it






Britannica Search combinatorics

E-Print Archive Help (helpindex)


European Journal of Combinatorics


Combinatorial Optimization at LAMSADE

Quasi-Monte Carlo methods number theory and combinatorics (some links)


MathLand Archives

MA 572COMBINATORICS II Permutation groups designs and enumeration




FAQ Finder Your Guide to Finding Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Catalog of Mathematics Resorces on the Internet

Front for the xxx Mathematics Archives

IMADA Links to the World

Japanese Center of Combinatorics Use Layout

Links to interesting mathematical pages

Mathematics (Science) ^use

MathSource Browser

Putting Your Mathematics on the Web

Subject Area Pages


Welcome to IDEAL

Yahoo! - ScienceMathematics

Yahoo! Search - Combinatorics

CSC Mathematical Topics simple local index search

Famous Curves Index




Personal Pages Royce Penny's Money Machine for the Canada Lotto 649






Resources ar_00.gif (1196 bytes)Clubs & Syndicates

Lotto & Lotteries On The Net; over 2000 lotto & lottery sites


Online Lotteries

CyberAtlas Resources Glossary

Mallpark's Gambling Mall - Category - Lotteries

Lottery Software Simulation System Results Win How To Understand Theory Tips









Software Software

Shareware Category Lotto Programs

Lotto Tracker II

Win A Lotto

Win A Lotto Lottery Software









John Atkinson's Precognition Experiment

Predicting the UK National Lottery

Prediction By Mathematical Models

Prediction Methods in Science and Technology

Sampling from a population

Guide to Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests


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Jayde Search Engine Page

WebSitez - Search engine for domain name addresses! Beats Internic whois!




News Groups new_rotate.gif (2311 bytes)


Recent Articles Posted @ rec.gambling.lottery


Expected Range of each Ball



Statistics & Probability


Bivariate Normal Distribution

Britannica Search probability

60 - Probability theory and stochastic processes

Knowledge Base Home Page


The Structure of Research

Ulrich. data analysis FAQ

Analyse-It General statistics

The Chance Database Welcome Page

Rich Ulrich JUMP list June 1997

Alan Miller's Primary Web Page _Statistics & software^99

Vincent's Statistics Page


About Resampling Statistics

Introductory Statistics Concepts Models and Applications

Probability and Statistics - Java Applets

Step-by-step review of basic probability (including Bayes).