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Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics  5star.gif (1031 bytes)

The goal of this project is to provide interactive, web-based modules for students and teachers of probability and statistics.

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bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)What is Statistics?

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)What is Statistics?   - Encyclopedia Britannica 

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)What is Probability?

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)What is Probability?   - Encyclopedia Britannica 


bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Probability and Statistics - Java Applets



M_onlineTutorials.gif (1379 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)PROBABILITY THEORY -- The Logic of Science    VW_ps-color.gif (1095 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Internet resources for learning statistics

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics on the Web

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Binomial distribution  - a sort course

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Introductory Statistics Concepts Models and Applications

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Introduction to Probability Theory

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)The InStat Guide to Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests  5star.gif (1031 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)What is a P value

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Markov chains

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)GraphPad ArticleThe meaning of r2 in constrained fits



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bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Yahoo! - Science:Mathematics:Statistics

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)WWW Virtual Library: Statistics

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Computational Mathematics Archive (statistics)

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics Topics

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Institute of Mathematical Statistics

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics on the Web

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)UCLA Statistics Series

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics Resources - Miscellaneous

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Useful Statistical Resources

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics Glossary - Index of all entries



M_journals.gif (1038 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics Resources - Journals & Bulletins



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ar_arrow.gif (1085 bytes)  (sci.stat.consult)



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bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Vincent's Statistics Page



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bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Mathematics Archives - MSDOS Software for Statistics

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Mathematics Archives - MSDOS Software for Probability

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistical SOFTWARE List

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Netlib

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)Statistics Resources - Software

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)USR - Software

bu_a.gif (1196 bytes)GraphPad Software  -    Intuitive Software for Science



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