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Gambling Formula



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bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Lotteries - General Information



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bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Lotteries - Separate facts from fallacies  5stars  ss_new_rotate.gif (2311 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)The Lottery- Facts, Figures, and Fiction  4star.gif (344 bytes)

by Devo Spice

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Little Red Lotto Book

Information for the Lotto games.

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Understanding, Probability, Selection, Wheeling and Redundant Numbers

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Fact sheet  -  How to stand best chance on the lottery

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Fallacies Tips & Traps

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)A set of Natural Rules for the Lottery

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Lotto Factory  -  Facts and Tips

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Tips  -  from Gail Howard  

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Lottery Laws and Axioms    ss_new_rotate.gif (2311 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Top Playing Tips



 _howtoplay.gif (2406 bytes) 

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)  Lotto Logic  4star.gif (344 bytes)

A collection of procedures to follow.

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)  Lottery Playing Strategy # 1

Basic rules for playing the lottery

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)  Lottery Playing Strategy # 2

Basic rules for playing the lottery

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)How to Play Lotto if you must

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Ideas for Reducing the Odds in the Daily Pick 3 Games 

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)B4-U-BUY(tm) - Texas Lottery Winning Numbers Analysis 



 _moneymanagement.gif (3807 bytes) 

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Money management for 3 & 4 digit games

from Lottery News

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)What to do before and after you win the lottery

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Casino Guide  -  Money management advice



M_schemesScams.gif (1445 bytes)  ss_new3.gif (144 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)SCHEMES & SCAMS

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)CBBB Tips for Consumers  -   Foreign Lottery Scams



 _probabilities.gif (2443 bytes) 

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)for Lotto   6/49   k=6

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)for Lotto   6/45   k=6

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)for Lotto   5/35   k=5

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Probability and Chance Their Nature and Meaning  ss_new_rotate.gif (2311 bytes)

bu_a.gif (1188 bytes)Probabilities - Australian Lotteries


( FREE Software coming soon to calculate probabilities for ALL Lotto. )


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